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The Future of Diversity

Celebrating the emergence of change

Thursday 27 May 2021

Last summer, there appeared to be a real appetite for positive change in our industry. The voice of the Black Lives Matter movement had spoken louder than ever, and the leaders in media pledged action and not words. In many ways it paved the way for more debate on inclusion and diversity, including our very own Standing Shoulder to Shoulder iteration of The Future of Diversity.

We return on May 6 with the promise we made to make sure that our platform for debate and discussion on this subject was not a one-off and that we continue to encourage not just conversation, but the very same action pledged by those leaders last year. Some will argue that a lot of change has been made in a short period of time, whereas others will voice their concern that not enough has been done. Wherever your opinion sits on that line, there is surely an agreement that we still need to move forward, together.

In what will be our third event in the diversity series in the last 12 months, we take this opportunity to celebrate and debate the emergence of change, with a key theme of talking to and giving a platform to the talented individuals who work in our industry, to not necessarily get their views on D&I, but to discuss with them their areas of expertise. We’ll meet media leaders and future media leaders, plus we’ll revisit some of the key issues from last year’s event, debate topical issues that have arisen in 2021, and learn from businesses that have implemented and actioned strategies with positive results.

Key Themes/Sessions:

  • Celebrating the emergence of the industry’s future media leaders
  • Glassmates meet… Three media leaders are interviewed by the Glassmates team
  • What role does the British media play in changing the narrative?
  • Diversifying the supply chain
  • timeTo discuss what changes still need to happen
  • The true value of diverse consumers