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The Media Leaders Awards

Celebrating the Media Leaders of today and tomorrow

Awards event: Thursday 7 January 2021

Since launching over thirty years ago, Mediatel News has evolved into a showcase of thought leadership from across the media sector. Alongside regular columnists including Dominic Mills, Jan Gooding and Raymond Snoddy, leaders from across the landscape use our platform to voice their opinions.

Together, they are read by a who’s-who of our industry each week, the most influential execs and media leaders themselves.

That is why we have launched The Media Leaders Awards – to recognise the very best leaders in this industry. We launch in a year that, perhaps more than any other year, has called for strong leadership to navigate businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic, take action on key issues such as diversity and inclusivity, and make sure they represent the very best in media class.

Join us as we invite senior executives from brands, agencies, media owners, tech businesses, industry bodies and investment companies to celebrate and reward both the current leaders of this industry, and those who will become leaders in the not too distant future.

Judges to be announced soon!

Open for entries
Thursday 15 October 2020

Entry Deadline
Friday 6 November 2020

Awards event
Thursday 7 January 2021



1 Grand Prix: Media CEO of the Year

2 Grand Prix: International Media Leader of the Year

3 Grand Prix: Future Media Leader of the Year

4 Media Leader of the Year - Media Agency

5 Media Leader of the Year - Media Owner

6 Media Leader of the Year - Advertiser

7 Media Leader of the Year - Technology and New Media

8 Judges Special Choice Award