Videoscape Europe

Thought-leadership event for TV streaming

Wednesday 10 October 2018


Videoscape 2018 explored the growth opportunities that streaming gives producers, rights holders, curators, distributors and aggregators of quality video entertainment in Europe. This thought-leadership event confronted the challenges facing established media companies in an ‘OTT’ market where the media value-chain is being redrawn. It explored the strategies for success across direct-to-consumer, broadcaster streaming, SVOD, Pay Lite and OTT aggregator services.

For our 2018 conference, we took a special look at two fast-emerging propositions: direct-to-consumer (DTC) content owners (including sports leagues who become producers and retailers), and new-world aggregators (including born online sports services and Pay TV ‘onboarders’ who want to re-aggregate a fragmented apps landscape). Delegates heard from companies who are pioneering these new models.

Throughout this one-day event there was an emphasis on new market opportunities, evolving distribution relationships, and the strategies that achieve growth and profit. We considered the sustainability of the streaming ecosystem as a whole – and whether revenues generated from back-catalogues and thematic specialisation can pay for the mass duplication of CRM, billing and marketing functions.

Key themes:

  • Optimised marketing that drives new subscriptions at low cost
  • How sports owners can use streaming to balance monetisation and reach
  • Launch tactics for content released into SVOD services
  • Potential app/platform partnerships, from billing to discounted bundles
  • Making sure consumers find content in a fragmented apps universe
  • Using streaming to expand sports audiences and acquire rights
  • Technologies that make streaming easier and maximise subscriber value
  • Growing direct-to-consumer revenues without undermining a legacy business
  • The investor view on content competition and DTC disruption.


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Welcome from Derek Jones, Director, Mediatel


Derek Jones

The power of streaming


Understanding the current and future scale of OTT disruption

The rapid growth and proliferation of OTT services is disrupting TV markets across Europe. In this scene setter for Videoscape Europe 2018, we explore the challenges and opportunities facing the TV industry, as broadcasting transitions into multi-platform TV.

Jon Watts, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, MTM


Jon Watts


Fireside Chat with Nick Herm, Director of Strategy, Sky

Nick will discuss Sky’s multi-faceted streaming strategy, covering its role as an international Pay Lite pioneer, TV Everywhere leader and SVOD on boarder. He will outline the role of Sky’s streaming-only platforms for delivering ‘full-flavour’ Pay TV in Italy and the UK. With Sky set to offer Netflix inside a subscription bundle, we will be asking about the wider opportunities for platform owners with subscription management, billing and customer care capabilities to partner with subscription streaming services.

Nick will be talking to Jon Watts, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, MTM


Jon Watts


Nick Herm


Creating a broadcast-friendly, one-stop online home for the best of German TV

  • How the addition of Eurosport Player and maxdome boosts 7TV’s ambition to become the No.1 German OTT service
  • Why we are a new breed of aggregator: a shared streaming platform, open to multiple channel owners, with free and paid linear plus AVOD, SVOD and TVOD
  • How we blend a growing collection of multi-genre linear and VOD content into a compelling and unified user experience
  • Strategies to differentiate 7TV from other OTT services, and how we will reach our target of 10m users within two years
  • The new digital distribution opportunities for channel owners on 7TV, including the ability to serve superfans
  • Why regulators should now back a multi-broadcaster OTT service, and our hope that RTL, ARD and ZDF will join us.

Alexander von Woikowsky, Managing Director, 7TV


Alexander von Woikowsky


How investors view the emergence of global content curators and ‘direct-to-consumer’

  • What investors think about increased competition for premium content: impact on broadcasters and production companies
  • How markets view ‘direct-to-consumer’ and its potential to disrupt established producer-curator-distributor relationships
  • Analyst view on the proliferation of lower-priced video subscription services, and whether it grows the total market or lowers revenues
  • Investor sentiment about advertising as a way to monetise online content services – does the money follow ‘paid’ or ‘free’ models?

Alex DeGroote, Owner, DeGroote Consulting


Alex DeGroote


Panel: The power of streaming, and the implications for ‘legacy’ services

  • Is OTT ‘service stacking’ a threat to Pay TV or will it confirm the value of operators as bundle-discounters for heavy TV consumers?
  • Will the growth of thematic SVOD replace weaker linear channels; what implications for channels not included in Pay Lite offers?
  • How do sports leagues use direct-to-consumer to mine new audiences and revenues without undermining legacy business?
  • Can free streaming replace FTA broadcast as a way for Pay TV sports channels to increase audiences for selected live events?
  • What technologies will have the biggest impact on the premium streaming market during the next two years?
  • Do broadcasters need shared streaming platforms to compete with Netflix and Amazon, and will any regulators stand in the way?
  • What will ensure that SVOD, direct-to-consumer, Pay Lite and Pay TV deliver more subs revenue for the industry, not less?
  • Moderated by Jon Watts, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, MTM

    Nicole Agudo Berbel, Chief Distribution Officer, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

    Scott Kewley, COO, TV Player

    John Armah, Chief Operating Officer, Marquee.TV

    Kristan Bullett, Co-Managing Director, Piksel


Jon Watts


Nicole Agudo Berbel John Armah Scott Kewley Kristan Bullett


Networking coffee break

Understanding direct-to-consumer services


How a new breed of consumer is creating a new video economy

  • How Pay TV manages your video life, the power of bundling, consumers who want to be ‘looked after’ and their market value
  • Identifying a new breed of consumers who find their own content, stack streaming services and manage multiple subscriptions
  • The challenges and opportunities presented by increasingly independent consumers, and their impact on the video economy.

Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst and Founder, nScreenMedia


Colin Dixon


The digital transformation at Formula 1: making OTT a priority

  • The huge global fan base and established broadcast business that underpins F1 success
  • The digital priorities we set ourselves, including the launch of F1 TV
  • Our research to identify and segment the F1 audience: meet the ‘Habituals’, ‘Purists’, ‘Sociables’ and ‘Excitables’
  • Building the case for F1 TV with focus groups, social listening and user testing – and our per-market pricing and packaging
  • Our determination to make F1 TV the greatest OTT racing spectacle on earth, and how a ‘fans come first’ philosophy reveals itself.

David Bailey, Senior Digital Research Manager, Formula 1


David Bailey


Why the future is direct-to-consumer (D2C), for every content owner

  • The evidence consumers want a more a la carte buying model for premium TV, and are ready to self-aggregate
  • Opportunities for content owners using D2C, from monetising super-fans to unique content identities
  • How the barriers to D2C entry have been broken down for smaller and mid-sized content owners
  • The recipe for D2C success: exploiting synergies between UX, data analytics, customer lifecycle management and monetisation

Miles Weaver, Marketing Director, Airbeem


Miles Weaver


Panel: How ‘direct-to-consumer’ changes the distribution business

  • Must owners go direct-to-consumer to maximise the value of their content; is data and advertising independence a reason to go DTC [1]?
  • ‘Binge-and-bolt’ behaviours are a real problem - how do we turn more free-trial-bingers into long-term customers?
  • Will we see multiple DTC and SVOD services discounted inside a bundle; who will do the bundling and what discounts are realistic?
  • What would persuade an app owner to share usage data with an apps aggregator - any promo or advertising partnerships possible?
  • Online viewers hate ads but they also hate to pay - how do we resolve this conundrum?
  • How do we make app build and lifecycle management easier, and how far can you outsource operations?
  • Most online providers work with multiple distribution partners - how difficult is it to build a unified management platform and create a unified picture of a video service?
  • [1] DTC = direct-to-consumer

Moderated by Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst and Founder, nScreenMedia

Dan Fahy, Vice President - Commercial and Content Distribution, Viacom International Media Networks

Arlen Marmel, General Manager of VRV, Ellation

Alexander von Woikowsky, Managing Director, 7TV


Colin Dixon


Dan Fahy Arlen Marmel Alexander von Woikowsky


Networking lunch

Making money from OTT


Changing the way the world sees sport with the British-based Netflix of sports

  • Democratising sport and growing audiences with an accessible and affordable streaming service
  • Shaking up the sport broadcasting industry with a product built for modern viewing habits and cord-cutters
  • Helping rights holders do it differently and drive revenue by finding fans for mainstream, niche and under-served sports
  • How DAZN became the world’s biggest sports broadcaster by volume, streaming well over 100m hours of content to fans every year

Ben Lavender, Chief Product Officer, DAZN


Ben Lavender


Fireside Chat with Adam Cunningham at Allied Global Marketing and Matt Graham at Acorn TV

Allied Global Marketing is the leading full-service agency for the entertainment, arts and culture industries, working with all major media companies around the world, including NBC Universal, Netflix and The Walt Disney Company. Adam, the company’s Chief Digital Officer, oversees the agency’s digital groups across the globe, including the AVOD, SVOD and TVOD teams. He will discuss the marketing strategies that help streaming services conquer domestic and international markets, including techniques used to develop audience targets, optimization campaigns and business modelling to drive the highest volume of subscriptions at the lowest cost.

Adam and Matt are talking to Nathalie Lethbridge, Founder and Principal, Atonik Digital


Nathalie Lethbridge


Adam Cunningham Matt Graham


Panel: How to make money, and keep making money, from OTT

  • How do OTT providers avoid being commoditised - and is heavy investment in original content a viable solution, long-term?
  • How do streaming services ensure their content is discovered: on boarding, alerts, advertising, UX innovations…?
  • What data-driven CRM opportunities do most to boost the SVOD experience and strengthen an SVOD business?
  • What emerging technologies or processes will help streaming services to achieve profit, then maximise subscriber lifetime value?
  • How do launch and growth strategies differ when you are funded by advertising, and will we see a proliferation in AVOD models?
  • Can we afford to duplicate CRM, billing and marketing functions across hundreds of OTT offers; what rationalisations are likely?

Moderated by Nathalie Lethbridge, Founder and Principal, Atonik Digital

Heather Killen, CEO, Horse and Country

Benjamin Woods, Director Strategy and Insight, Eurosport

Miranda Conroy, Nordic Head of AVOD Monetization and Business Development, Nordic Entertainment Group

Bill Gash, Sales Director, EMEA, CSG Ascendon


Nathalie Lethbridge


Heather Killen Benjamin Woods Miranda Conroy Bill Gash


Networking coffee break

New opportunities in aggregation and curation


Fireside chat: How VICE is redefining television/video content

  • VICE as the epicentre of a digitally-enabled content revolution that gives under-served audiences a home, including millennials
  • What makes our content unique: finding new voices, telling unheard stories, exploring diverse topics and people
  • How VICE is becoming a part of the evolving mass-market, from our partnerships with HBO and Channel 4 (All4)
  • 2018 has been a year of growth and innovation for VICE Studios and TV
  • 2019 - touch on where we hope to be next year

Moderated by Ben Keen, Independent Analyst & Advisor, Technology, Media & Telecoms

CJ Fahey, General Manager - VICE TV and Studios EMEA, VICE Media


Ben Keen


CJ Fahey


Bridging the gap between VoD, OTT and Pay TV with our innovative children’s service

  • Looking at the evolution of children’s viewing
  • Maximising our native ability to navigate content across devices and via playlists and games
  • Utilising the changing viewing habits of children to create a new DTC package
  • Offering a window into the world of tomorrow’s TV

Sarah Aspinall, Kids and Music Editor, Virgin Media UK


Sarah Aspinall


How we are building a free-to-view digital powerhouse at Viafree

  • Nordic Entertainment Group as a content powerhouse, home to NENT Studios originals, the best of Hollywood and world-class sport
  • What happened when our free-to-air channel branded player services were given a single digital home under the Viafree brand
  • The growth of live streaming, including music and sport, and exclusive content, as we become a destination in our own right
  • Reaching young audiences, from Paradise Hotel to digital extensions, SplayOne exclusives and Influencer collaborations
  • How we fully monetize free online content: our programmatic platform, consumer data strategy and ad targeting opportunities
  • Our new branded section for Turner-owned Adult Swim comedy, and our ambition for more third-party content and genre-based verticals.

Miranda Conroy, Nordic Head of AVOD Monetization and Business Development, Nordic Entertainment Group


Miranda Conroy


Networking drinks


  • Speaker
    Nicole Agudo Berbel

    Chief Distribution Officer, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

  • Speaker
    Nick Herm

    Director of Strategy, Sky

  • Speaker
    Alexander von Woikowsky

    Managing Director, 7TV

  • Speaker
    John Armah

    Chief Operating Officer, Marquee.TV

  • Speaker
    Heather Killen

    CEO, Horse and Country

  • Speaker
    Ben Lavender

    Chief Product Officer, DAZN

  • Speaker
    Miranda Conroy

    Nordic Head of AVOD Monetization & Business Development, Nordic Entertainment Group

  • Speaker
    CJ Fahey

    General Manager - VICE TV and Studios EMEA, VICE Media

  • Speaker
    Scott Kewley

    COO, TV Player

  • Speaker
    Sarah Aspinall

    Kids and Music Editor, Virgin Media UK

  • Speaker
    Jon Watts

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner, MTM

  • Speaker
    Dan Fahy

    Vice President - Commercial and Content Distribution, Viacom International Media Networks

  • Speaker
    Adam Cunningham

    Chief Digital Officer, Allied Global Marketing

  • Speaker
    Nathalie Lethbridge

    Founder & Principal, Atonik Digital

  • Speaker
    Arlen Marmel

    General Manager of VRV, Ellation

  • Speaker
    David Bailey

    Senior Digital Research Manager, Formula 1

  • Speaker
    Colin Dixon

    Chief Analyst & Founder, nScreenMedia

  • Speaker
    Benjamin Woods

    Director Strategy and Insight, Eurosport

  • Speaker
    Kristan Bullett

    Co-Managing Director, Piksel

  • Speaker
    Alex DeGroote

    Owner, DeGroote Consulting

  • Speaker
    Matt Graham

    Senior Vice President & GM, Acorn TV

  • Speaker
    Ben Keen

    Independent Analyst & Advisor, Technology, Media & Telecoms

  • Speaker
    Bill Gash

    Sales Director, EMEA, CSG Ascendon

  • Speaker
    Derek Jones

    Director, Mediatel

  • Speaker
    Miles Weaver

    Marketing Director, Airbeem

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