New to our events schedule, Youth, Media & Technology is an extended morning seminar which will debate how teenagers interact with and consume media, and how it influences them - and sometimes annoys them! Which brands do they notice and which do they discard...and why?

This unique seminar will include 2 panels - one made up of 14-18 year olds, and the other of media executives asked to draw conclusions and forecast how this will play out for media industries in the future.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


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This unique seminar included 2 panels - one made up of 14-18 year olds, and the other of media executives.

Panel 1: The Youth

  • What media are used most frequently and what are their favourite media brands?
  • Which media inspire ideas and decisions; which "turn them off"?
  • Do they view and listen live?
  • Which consumer brands do they follow? How does the media influence this? Which brands do they discard...and why?
  • What technology do they use and aspire to use?
  • What do they know about integrated technologies and how these can or could be used?

Panel 2: The Experts

    The influence of teenage audiences
  • Which brands and media are best to reach teenagers?
  • Is technology making it easier or more complicated to achieve this?
  • Do teenagers only do "bitesize"?
  • Is this an audience that will grow up expecting to never pay for their media?
  • How can we use research around teenage audiences to shape our promotional campaigns?


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    Torin Douglas

    Media Correspondent, BBC

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Torin Douglas

Media Correspondent, BBC

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